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M-Sa:1130 - 2000
Sun:1130 - 1530


 Soups and Smoothies




Tomato soup with basil


 Green consomme

IMG 6824ab

Red smoothie

Red smoothie with beetroot

IMG 6815a

Green smoothie

Green smoothie with spinach

  IMG 6840

 Yellow smoothie

Yellow smoothie with goji berries and citrus fruits


Main courses



  Img 5678


Tzatiki salad with garlic and sunflower sauce

IMG 2345


Raw ratatouille with courgette (slightly spicy)

IMG 6689

 Risotto with avocado

Cauliflower rice with avocado and lemon dressing

IMG 6708

 Antonelli spagetti

Zucchini and carrot streaks with olive and dried tomato sauce - the Italian way

IMG 6814

American beetroot

The mixture of beetroot and red cabbage with "mayonnaise"

IMG 6731a

 Vegan burger

Vegan burger with zucchini, tomato, rocket and cashew sauce







Dried apple base with walnut stuffing

  IMG 6770

 Dried apricot & chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with dried apricot layers

IMG 6764

 Mango chocolate cake

Chocolate cream with mango cream and pomegranate

IMG 6744

Lemon cake with cashew nuts

Refreshing lemon cake with cashew nuts and thin chocolate layer on the top

   IMG 6891

Almond chocolate cake 

Chocolate cake with almonds and cocoa

  IMG 6754 

Mint chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with refreshing mint cream


Bounty cake

      Made with coconut, carob and dates



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